White 5 Bar

Our White Five Bar is the perfect location to enjoy a classic or exotic cocktail in a relaxing atmosphere with trendy lounge music. We offer a big variety of international spirits and wines.

Together with your drink you can as well enjoy a small bite from the menu, including Burger, Sandwiches and salads.

Apart from our international drinks we also offer a great choice of local drinks, for example the ‚Borgmann‘ and the ‚Pfeffi‘ a famous peppermint liquor from the GDR era.

Discover local Berlin Cocktails, spirits and other curiosities.


Here is an excerpt from our cocktail menu:

Indigo Skye Rider

Talisker Skye Single Malt | Thomas Henry ginger spice |  marple sirup | lime

10,50 €

Tanqueray Orange

Tanquery Gin | white wine | orange jam | lime juice | ginger beer

9,50 €


Bar Snacks:

Original Berlin Currywurst

Bratwurst | homemade curry sauce | French fries


Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce | Caesar dressing | parmesan cheese | crispy bacon | bread  cubes | chicken breast


Club Sandwich Indigo

Grilled chicken breast | bacon | fried egg | tomato | lettuce | French fries


White 5 Entrecote Burger

Slices of grilled Entrecôte | braised onion | salad | tomato | burger sauce | French fries